What are the different types of kids motorcycles

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Children riding motorcycles is not such a bad idea as it might seem at first glance. Nowadays, there are many models available that are built especially with children of different ages in mind. These motorcycles don’t reach the speeds of a regular adult motorcycle so they are a great way of introducing your kid to the sport. And who knows, if you start when they’re young, maybe your child could become a professional dirt bike rider in the future.

But buying a kids motorcycle is not so simple and can be quite costly. That’s why it is important to think about your needs before you decide to purchase one. It can be difficult to know what kind of motorcycle is best. Here we go over the basic types of kids motorcycles.

Electric motorcycles

Electric motorcycles are powered by batteries and are the most popular choice for the smallest children that are just starting to get used to riding motorcycles. This is because they are usually less powerful than gas motorcycles and rarely reach speeds higher than 20 mph, with some going as slow as 2 mph. Depending on the model, a kids electric motorcycle can be used by children as young as 3 years old.

They need to be charged before use and then they will only run for as long as the battery capacity allows it. If you are not planning on having long trips together with your child, a kids electric motorcycle can be a great intro bike. If your child likes it and expresses the need to go faster, you can upgrade it to a gas motorcycle, as long as you think they can ride it safely.

Electric motorcycles are cheaper than their gas counterparts because they are usually smaller. And because electricity is cheaper than gasoline, they will also cost you less to maintain.

Gas motorcycles

Gas-powered motorcycles are intended for older children, often at least 7 years old (the exact age depends on what the maker of each motorcycle recommends). They closely resemble adult motorcycles, except that they are of course much smaller. A 50cc motorcycle is the most popular choice.

Gas motorcycles are great if you plan on using it extensively because they are not limited by batteries. If you run out of fuel at some point you can just top it up anywhere as long as you bring a canister with you.

If your child is thinking of entering some motorcycle riding competitions, they should be using a gas motorcycle to stand a fighting chance.

Remember that whichever type you choose depends largely on your child’s maturity. If you decide to buy a motorcycle for your child, it might be a good idea to let them choose the exact model so that they are more excited to ride it and therefore, less likely to grow tired of it. After you do the preliminary vetting, present your child with a few options you deemed to be safe enough and let them do the choosing. It will make them think that they are the ones in control when in reality, you were the one almost fully behind the decision process.