The Single Best PR Advice for 2009 – Think Like a News Organization

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The problem with many companies trying to get PR and media coverage is they think like a company. They need to think like a news organization about themselves, their industry, and the communities in which they play. In the first Marketing Edge episode for 2009 we talk with Kevin Dugan, co-author of the Bad Pitch Blog. The Bad Pitch Blog is a must read for any PR or corporate communications professional, and more importantly, clients of PR organizations. Why clients? Because you don’t want to put your organization or your firm in a situation where the pitch becomes the news. We get into how not to craft a bad pitch and approaching PR with a different perspective in part because social media has changed the landscape of public relations

Meanwhile here’s an old PR versus new PR list for 2009, Kind of like a PR fashionista list.

Think Like a News Organization

Old PR Thinking

  • News is only when the company has a new product, version or customer.
  • News is something you distribute to the news media
  • Avoid discussion of controversial subjects that impact the company
  • No discussion of company strategy or internal debate
  • Limit most of communication to print or text

New PR Thinking

  • Evaluate potential news items as if you were an editorial board of a multimedia publishing company monthly if not more frequently.
  • Consider information as it is perceived by a variety of communities impacted by your company, that’s who really determines news.
  • News can be targeted by community participation, posted to a blog, included in a podcast and a variety of other means, you don’t need to blanket the world
  • Use the right medium, audio, video, print, mash-up, others to convey the story
  • Get involved in issues that matter to your industry, whether you take a position or participate in the debate, don’t sit on the sidelines.
  • You are your own media outlet, create a channel like, blog, podcast, slide share, and make it easy for users to share with others.
  • Video is not limited to TV, fully integrated multimedia news organizations may well be the right target for a pitch that was previously considered the realm of television.

That’s just a few, we can always talk more, start with a comment either below or at 206-600-6887. Provident Partners donates a food item to a St. Paul, MN food shelter for every comment we receive. Happy New Year!