Marketing Tips for 2014

I’ve been at this marketing thing for more than 30 years, and into the social space early on, pre-twiiter, pre-YouTube, and so I don’t get all excited about the latest gadget. So pardon me if I don’t say Google Glass will be common place on Main Street or Twitter will eliminate CNN as a major global news resource. We will, however, see significant niche applications of video capture by wearable devices, this is just logical, from surgeons training remotely to coaches giving real-time feedback to players, video has major benefits to increase knowledge. The issue of trust and credibility puts some limits on Twitter and all of social media which is why it will not eliminate journalistically driven news organizations in free societies, but there is also acceptance of Twitter as a resource for real-time information and significant sharing advancing knowledge across geographies and cultures.

In retrospect of what has gone by and with an eye to what is possible, here are my thoughts of Marketing Tips for 2014

1) Moblie meaning phones and tablets continues to grow. Every business needs to have mobile friendly ways for its audiences to engage. Seventeen percent of online holiday sales in 2013 were transacted on a mobile device, up 46% from the previous year.

2) Video becomes almost, (emphasis) almost as necessary as text. I don’t say it is mandatory, but all businesses need to assess if video can be a powerful format for telling their stories, emotionally reaching their audiences, or creatively depicting their personalities.

3) Social selection will focus on platforms that are effective. Companies are facing social fatigue with so many platforms to keep updated and engage with their followers. In-house social teams and outside agencies will come under pressure for selecting those platforms that work. If I’m wrong on this one, then social fragmentation across a business’ audiences will force a company to increase efficiencies. If social marketing is successful only in the aggregate, (meaning being on many low profile platforms to produce satisfactory social marketing ROI ) then the premium for 2014 will be on efficient distribution, monitoring and responsiveness.

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