How to fish on a kayak

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Kayak fishing is rising in popularity as fishermen around the world look for different ways to experience their favorite hobby. A kayak is a great vehicle for fishing in otherwise inaccessible places, and it also allows you to enjoy all the benefits of kayaking. There is no more leisurely way to enjoy fishing alone than on a kayak.

However, kayak fishing can be quite tricky for beginners. That’s why a lot of companies have come up with ideas for products that are specially made for this hobby and are bound to make it easier and more enjoyable.


First, you need to have the right kayak – a fishing kayak, to be exact. Just like regular kayaks, a fishing kayak can be either sit-in or sit-on. Some are even inflatable which makes them great for small bodies of water like ponds. What differentiates fishing kayaks from standard kayaks, however, is having some specific fishing equipment. Rod holders and anchors are a must for fishing. Most fishing kayaks also feature more storage space for all of your fishing gear.

Fish finder

Fish finders have become very popular in all kinds of fishing. Using sonar waves, they help you locate where the fish are underwater so that you can catch them more effectively. Fish finders are very handy and are now used by both professional and amateur fishermen alike. Some models are especially suited to kayak fishing. They tend to use high frequencies as these work best when in shallow water and can detect even the smallest of fish. They can be easily attached and don’t take up a lot of space. Read about the recommended kayak fish finder by FishermansTips to see what makes a great kayak fish finder.

Kayak leashes

Kayaks are small so if you have a lot of gear with you, chances are that you are going to accidentally knock something off. That’s where kayak leashes come in. Some kayaks come with leashes already equipped but if yours didn’t, don’t worry as you can buy them cheaply in most well-equipped fishing stores. You attach one end to the kayak and the other to whatever it is that you want to keep anchored at all costs. It’s recommended that you always keep your paddles attached to the kayak so that you don’t end up stranded in the middle of a lake due to a careless movement when trying to land a fish.

Safety gear

This is the one thing that should never be left onshore when going kayak fishing. To avoid any unfortunate accidents, always wear a personal floatation device. This will help in case your kayak capsizes. Other items that you should always have with you when on the water include: first-aid kit (preferably waterproof), a whistle and something to help you navigate your surroundings, like a compass. If there are going to be other people on the water, especially in bigger boats, consider attaching a colorful flag to the kayak to raise your visibility.