Clothing storage solutions for small spaces

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Not everyone lives in a large house with separate laundry rooms and closets that provide enough space to put everything away with ease. But everyone wears clothes. Most of us, at some point in our lives, will live in a small apartment or a college dorm, and knowing how to manage storing clothes without making the whole room or bathroom looking messy is key to living comfortably anywhere. Here we will introduce some tips about how to keep your clothing situation under control even if you are lacking storage space.

Laundry hampers

Let’s start with storing laundry. If you live alone you probably don’t use the washing machine every single day which seems good but it also means that your dirty clothes probably tend to pile up throughout the week. You need to have a laundry hamper to store them but you shouldn’t waste your precious space for one that isn’t handy to use.

What is the best laundry hamper for small spaces? One that is compact and doesn’t take up a lot of space. There are many options you can go with here: a wall-mounted laundry hamper, one that can be hanged over the bathroom door, or something small enough that can be hidden under a table or a desk. The most important rule is not buying a bigger hamper than you need. If you live alone, the smallest size will be enough.

Smart closet accessories

The inside of a regular wardrobe most often looks something like this: a few shelves and drawers coupled with a hanging rod. But by using some smart accessories you can maximize that space to increase the number of items it can fit inside.

For example, how about using multi-armed hangers? You hang them just like a regular single hanger but they have additional hooks that can fit around five different items with straps (like tank tops or summer dresses). Or you can get a special hanger for all of your neckties or belts – they are designed to hold a large number of items at once. Another option is S-shape hangers that can be used to hang multiple pairs of pants.

You can also increase the storage space by using dividers and boxers wisely. Think about putting your rarely worn items, like seasonal clothes, in a box on top of the wardrobe. Use dividers to shape your shelf or drawer to your liking so that they will hold the maximum number of your items.

Another idea is exploiting the inside surface of the wardrobe door and attach something to hold additional items there. You can buy slim shoe racks made especially for this purpose. Or you can get a hanging rack to use for storing jewelry or scarves. Overdoor hooks can be utilized to hang even more stuff. The possibilities are endless.

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