Disgraceful PR from White House Communications Team

Flat out this is the worst communications and PR example of my lifetime. How in the world could anyone associated with the government Health Care Plan rollout, allow the President of the United States to apologize for a website? It is beyond defending, oh sure you can comment here all you like, but I guarantee defending the decision to push this to the place it belongs, at HHS, then you’d better rethink being in the “image” business.

Sure, we can start years ago about planning, procurement, project management, beta testing, etc etc etc, but now after all the mistakes that have been made, the decision is for this to fall on the President’s plate is insane. This is so complicated he is reading it off a script about who gets a certain plan and whether they qualify or not. What! These are issues for regulators legislators, not the President. Granted, you might say it was his number one initiative so it’s his sword to fall on. That being the case, the communications strategists from the White House on down should have been on top of this. Go ahead fire away in the comments – I’ll be ready.

White House Horrible PR on Healthcare Signup

President Obama at 11/14/13 news conference

Update: CNN Candy Crowley points out correctly, because of all of the communications ambiguity this undercuts the trust the President may have enjoyed previous to this fiasco.

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