Car gadgets that will make your ride feel more modern

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Modern cars from luxury brands come with all sorts of extra features and technology, some of which can even make a car look like it came from the future. But not many get to own such a car and drive in it. If you care about how your car’s functionality and cool looks but don’t have the right budget to spend on the latest wonder of automobiles, there are some small upgrades and gadgets that will transform your car which you can do by yourself for the fraction of the price.

Wireless charger

Wireless chargers for your smartphone can be installed either on the air vent, windshield or the dashboard, depending on the model you purchase. Wireless chargers can also serve as simple phone mounts. Most of them have an adjustable frame that allows them to work with phones of any size. This is a very cheap item that will make your car interior look like an advanced cockpit.

Radar detector

This handy device can save you from getting a ticket for speeding in any situation. Radar detectors use GPS technology to locate speed cameras and patrol cars in the area around you. You don’t need to keep checking the device yourself – most of them work by emitting audio signal whenever you should be particularly careful of your speed.

Double DIN head unit

Changing the look of your dashboard is undoubtedly going to completely transform the car interiors. The head unit is an integral part of your whole audio system and additionally, it can also take care of your GPS navigation needs and connect to your smartphone allowing for hands-free mobile communication. You can easily find the best double din head unit in any price range. But before you purchase one, make sure that you have space to install one – older cars use the single DIN sized head unit.

Dash camera

You can enjoy the benefits of being able to record what’s going on in front of your car while you drive even if you don’t have newest car. A dash camera is invaluable should you get into any accident not through your own fault. It can also capture any stunning views you might encounter during your drive. Most dash cams can be set up to only save the footage when an incident is detected. If you decide to buy one, try to get one with night mode setting that uses infra-red to capture footage in dark surroundings.

Car seat covers

By covering your car seats with covers of quality material can add a touch of luxury to your car’s interior. One of the most popular choice here is leather or suede, although they can be difficult to maintain. Car seat covers are also an excellent way of covering up any damage to the original seats. They aren’t that expensive so you can change them up according to your mood anytime. For an even more functional option, go for covers with massage nodes that will let you heal your back pain as you drive.